About Us

LAVIN is a marketplace for designers, contractors, and end-users of all types of furniture from modern to contemporary designs. We provide, source, and handpick the best value-for-price furnishing items that tailor the needs of our customers.

From “trendiest of the year” to “timeless comfort”, we have a variety of furnishing items in different colours and sizes that fit the style and concept of your interior space.

For all soft furniture like sofas and bed frames, all are made within our own upholstery factory. This allows us to monitor the quality of the products but also providing a competitive price at the same time.

Established since 2013 and serving over 25,000 customers across Malaysia, we’re proud to say we’re able to give the best of class customer experience. From sourcing, packing, to shipping, we go through a meticulous process to ensure a pleasant shopping experience for our customers.

At LAVIN, we believe that every space deserves furniture that expresses the spirit of an interior. Whether it’s a home, office, restaurant, or a bar, every furnishing piece within a space makes up for an art that is the interior space.

For more inquiries, please contact us at sales@lavinhomeart.com.

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